Message from the Chair, Cheryl L. Keyes

Greetings!  Welcome to UCLA’s Department of African American Studies.  Emanating from a cross-section of community and student activism and academic zeal, our department offers superb training, teaching, and research on the study of Black life throughout the world.  Our faculty members are leaders in their respective disciplines.  Among these disciplines are Africana Studies, Anthropology, Biomedical Science, Education, English Literature, Ethnomusicology/Musicology, Gender Studies, History, Information Science, Law, Political Science, Sociology, Theater as well as Urban Planning.  The department’s students benefit from cross-disciplinary and interdisciplinary training in the study of Black life. In addition, they take part in various student governance opportunities and they are active in racial and social justice initiatives that impact campus life.  However, given the current political climate that has inspired the #Black Lives Matter movement, African American Studies plays a significant leadership role in advancing scholarship and conversation relevant to social justice and racial equity, campus-wide and beyond.  The department’s website has more information about its stellar faculty, esteemed students, and remarkable achievements, and it offers insight about course offerings, events, and opportunities for you to become more involve with us and us with you.  Come aboard and be a part of our Mothership of Black Studies: its past, present, and future direction!