Office: Rolfe Hall 1318

Associate Professor

A job was waiting for Bain in the School of the Arts at his alma mater, Columbia University, but he said a key factor in coming to UCLA was the “new energy” coming from the African-American Studies department and the work of such campus scholars as Cheryl Harris, Robin Kelley, Gay Theresa Johnson, Kelly Lytle Hernandez, Sarah Haley, Scot Brown and others. Bain began teaching in the fall of 2015 in African-American Studies, with a course on “Hip Hop and Spoken Word.” The classes in his teachings also include “The Revolutionary Politics and Poetry of Malcolm X” and “Narratives of Change”. Described by Cornel West as an artist who “…speaks his truth with a power we desperately need to hear,” Bryonn Bain is a hip hop theater innovator, spoken word poetry champion, prison activist, actor and educator. His widely-known theatre productions, “Lyrics from Lockdown” and “What It Iz” critique what race, prisons, poverty and privilege mean in America today and the increasingly visible injustices in the U.S. criminal system.