African American Studies and the School of Law offer a four-year, concurrent degree program whereby students pursue the Master of Arts in their first year and the Juris Doctor degrees in the three subsequent years of study. For admission, applicants are required to satisfy the regular admission requirements of both schools, and should, in addition, submit to African American Studies (1) a statement of purpose describing the applicant’s background, proposed program of joint study in African American studies and law and including future career goals; (2) an LSAT score in lieu of the GRE; and (3) written permission to use data from the applicant’s Law School admissions files.

For MA/JD students- You must mail supplemental materials.  We do NOT use LSAC, so please send us separate originals of all materials below. The UCLA Law School is not normally able to send material to us.

If you send your package during the first week in January, do NOT use the regular U.S. mail. It will not arrive in time. Due to heavy holiday mail, use UPS, Federal Express, or another private carrier. Be sure to keep your tracking receipt.

Test scores – MA/JD: you must provide us with LSAT score (even unofficial) and all documentation. We do NOT contact LSAC for any documents.



Online Application

UCLA Graduate Division online application:
Be sure to keep your PIN number, in case you need to re-access the online application. Put it in a safe place.

*Please be sure you chose the MA/JD joint program in your application or your application will only be sent to one program.**

Supporting Materials to be Mailed

  1. You will need to send two sealed official transcripts from every undergraduate institution attended separately to us at Afro-American Studies. It takes approximately two weeks for us to receive the package via U.S. Mail.


African American Studies

1308 Rolfe Hall, UCLA

345 Portola Plaza, P.O. Box 957109

Los Angeles, CA 90095

(310) 825-9821

Supporting Materials to be Uploaded Online

§ Statement of Purpose. Two (2) pages about your scholarly accomplishments and your scholarly goals at UCLA. Your MA/JD statement of purpose should talk ONLY about what you want to study in the MA program in Graduate Division.

§ Application for Fellowship for Entering Graduate Students. GOFP (Graduate Opportunity Fellowship Program). Check this program, along with other fellowships for which you might be eligible in the online list.)

§ Diversity Fellowship Application (mandatory to be eligible for GOFP).

§ Writing Samples- 6 pages. (If you send part of a longer paper, summarize the rest of the paper in the last two paragraphs.)

§ Three (3) Letters of Recommendation. Call your professors and double-check that all of your letters of recommendation have really been sent.

**If professors think they may be late, have them fax (310) 825-5019 or email a provisional copy, pending receipt of the actual signed copy. Remind them to sign the back of the sealed envelope.

§ Transcripts (2 sealed official). Call and double-check that all of your transcripts (from EVERY undergrad institution) actually have been sent out.  (Pay for rush service, if necessary.) Af Am needs two (2) official transcripts, NOT just one.


African American Studies

1308 Rolfe Hall, UCLA

345 Portola Plaza, P.O. Box 957109

Los Angeles, CA 90095

§ Test scores – LSAT (Note: You must also apply separately to the UCLA Law School at the same time.) We do NOT use LSAC, the central law application service. In the meantime, you can upload your temporary unofficial score.

§ Resume (optional)

Statement of Purpose

The Statement of Purpose discusses your academic achievements and goals. Do not be vague, i.e. “I want to become a teacher.” What kind of teacher? The Statement should also stress your growth and development.  You should ask a local teacher or professor to look over your statement before submitting it.

Diversity Statement

The Diversity Statement discusses your personal challenges that may have impacted your academic career.


We cannot provide you with data regarding a minimum test score we would accept. Check for more information.

Letters of Recommendation

  • Request your letters of recommendation very early, since your instructors are very busy. (Faculty will upload the letters: see online instructions). Student has to provide the name and contact info in the “Recommendation Provider List”. Once the recommendation provider information is saved in the online application, an email will be sent to the recommendation provider with an access code and instructions on how to proceed with the online recommendation. You can view whether your recommenders have uploaded their letters when you log back into your application.
  • Ideally, your letters should come from three faculty members with whom you have taken classes or worked in some capacity, so they can provide specific information about your academic achievements. If absolutely necessary, one could come from an employment supervisor.
  • Remember that your application package cannot be considered complete until all three of your letters of recommendation have been received at the program. Be sure to check that your instructors have mailed your letters in a timely fashion or your application cannot be considered.
  • If faculty continue having problems, they can email it to with your name, university, and permission for us to upload it on their behalf.



§ Be sure to apply EARLY for best consideration. If at all possible, get your complete application package in (including transcripts) at least two weeks before the program’s application deadline.

§ Note: the deadline is not a postmarked date, but a date when the package must arrive in our office.

§ Remember, it takes up to three days for mail to be processed once it arrives on campus. It is not yet in our office. So mail early and allow for that extra time in order to meet the deadline. 

Fellowships and Funding

  1. For information on fellowships (which are graduate-level scholarships you do not have to pay back) please consult: and the UCLA GRAPES Database at for more information.  Note: The funding applications tend to have very early deadlines, so plan accordingly.
  2. BE SURE TO APPLY AT LEAST FOR THE GRADUATE OPPORTUNITY FELLOWSHIP.  You are eligible for various kinds of funding through Graduate Division, so it is advised that you apply for grants and fellowships through Graduate Division.  The complete fellowship application is also due no later than January 15th. (Please apply early as funds are limited.)
  3. Also apply for other national and extramural fellowships. Check with your college or local library’s reference desk for books on appropriate foundations and funding institutions.
  4. Submit a two-page Personal Statement with the UCLA fellowship application, in addition to the Statement of Purpose.  The Personal Statement primarily focuses on your financial need.

We are Here to Help

For more information on the M.A. Program in African-American Studies and assistance with the application process, please contact me at the number or email below.  We look forward to hearing from you and assisting you in the future.  Please do not hesitate to call or email.

Supporting documents to be uploaded to the online application.

Phone Number: 310 825-9821