Check out Dr. Scot Brown’s recent release of “Last Man [Remix]”

Music Historian Dr. Scot Brown has become synonymous with black music history and University of California, Los Angeles professor is blazing a path for himself as an artist and producer with the recent release of “Last Man [Remix],” a danceable and uplifting tune inspired by a style of Reggae music known as Lovers Rock.

Brown teamed up with Mr. Ric, a vocalist, who co-wrote and sings lead on the song. “What ended up becoming ‘Last Man [Remix]” Brown said, “came together so naturally that it felt to me as if we were fulfilling a higher purpose in making the song.” Guitarist Rick Marcel added Brazilian Afro Jazz-sounding licks to the song. Brown said that he along with Mr. Ric and Rick Marcel all played in a band called “Radiance” during their high-school years in hometown, Rochester, NY. Fellow UCLA professor, Bryonn Bain also joined in and laid down a rap verse.

Check out the article here.

Watch the video here.

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