Guide to Graduation & 2021 Commencement

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If you are participating in the Department of African American Studies 2021 ceremony, please fill out the form below by May 2nd, 202

UCLA College of Letters & Science Graduation Resources:

For more information visit or see your College Counselor in an appointment.


You are eligible to participate in June Commencement events if: If you completed all degree requirements and graduated in Fall 2020 or Winter 2021; or declared a degree candidacy term of Spring 2021 or Summer 2021 and have completed 148 units by end of Winter 2021.


DECLARE/CONFIRM DEGREE CANDIDACY TERM In order to graduate, you must declare your degree candidacy term on MyUCLA. This information is located on the top left of your Degree Audit. If you do not have a degree expected term listed, or it is inaccurate, you may add or correct it through MyUCLA (Academics >Academic Profile > Declare Candidacy Term). Or you may complete a degree candidacy form available online at > Forms > Graduation and Diploma > Declaration of Candidacy. ($20 fee on BruinBill if done after completion of 160 units). Paper forms must be filed with Message Center to the Registrar’s Office, if you are declared or declaring for the current term. Please be aware that late changes could jeopardize eligibility for commencement and the printing of your name in the College Commencement Program.

CONFIRM SPELLING OF NAME FOR YOUR DIPLOMA AND PROGRAM Confirm the spelling of your name beginning week 4 of your degree expected term on MyUCLA > Academics > Diploma Request. This feature allows you to edit your name and to add special accents and punctuation. If you have a preferred name for the College Commencement Program only, send a message using the MyUCLA Message Center by Friday, April 16th, 2021 (use topic “Commencement – Name Verification”).

PRIVACY RESTRICTIONS Check your privacy status. Go to MyUCLA > Settings > Privacy Options. If you selected DO NOT RELEASE for the All Public Information Privacy Option, your name will not be printed in the program and may restrict UCLA from providing degree confirmation to future employers. In order for your name to be printed in the Commencement Program, you must select RELEASE the All Public Information Privacy Option by April 16, 2021. If you have a FERPA restriction and would like your information in the printed Commencement Program, please see the Registrar’s Office.

CONSULT WITH YOUR MAJOR & MINOR DEPARTMENT ADVISOR/COUNSELOR Visit your department counselor and review your major requirements. If you have a minor, visit your department counselor and review your minor requirements. Confirm that your coursework (completed and in progress) will satisfy your remaining major requirements.


Review any outstanding requirements for the College of Letters & Science and the University by checking your Degree Audit Report (MyUCLA > Academics > Degree Progress Report). IMPORTANT NOTE: If you intend to complete any coursework outside of UCLA, in order to complete your degree, you must consult with your College Advisor/Counselor to discuss your proposed coursework.

CHECK YOUR LATIN HONORS STATUS Students who have 90 graded UC units (excludes courses taken P/NP) and meet the GPA criteria may be eligible for Latin Honors. If you are a transfer student and meet the GPA criteria but have less than 90 graded UC units, see your College Counseling unit. The list of required GPA criteria appears towards the end of your DARS/DPR. Latin Honors listed in the Commencement Program are calculated based on cumulative GPA including Winter 2021 grades. However, the official Latin Honors designation made to your diploma is based on your final grades at the time of degree completion. If you are a Fall 2021 or later degree candidate, please check for revised Latin Honors GPA requirements after Summer 2021 as these are updated annually.

SERVICES Full access to most campus services end upon graduation. Utilize these now to maximize benefit: Career Center and Handshake ( and UCLA Financial Wellness Program (


Stay connected with UCLA. For more details, click on this website Updated 02/04/2020


SAVE THE DATE: College Commencement Ceremony – June 11th, 2022 The College of Letters & Science will announce all Commencement information through the Commencement Website: You can also check the Commencement website for dates/times for departmental and other celebrations.


Complete the Senior Survey beginning January 17, 2021 by selecting to opt-in or opt-out of the survey. Responding to the survey triggers your online ticket ordering option. Ticketing information is to be determined at this time. Please check the Commencement website for up to date information:

CAP & GOWN, GRAD PHOTOS, INVITATIONS Graduates can place orders at Graduation Etc. online Orders can be picked up in-person or shipped directly to you. Qualifying students may order an Honors cord – eligibility is determined based on your student ID number:

OTHER QUESTIONS & COMMENCEMENT INFORMATION Visit the website: If you have additional questions, send a MyUCLA Message.



Contact your instructors if you have questions about your final grades.

REVIEW YOUR FINAL RECORD Make sure that your majors, minors, specializations, revisions in enrollment, grade changes, removal of incompletes, and any transactions are posted accurately. Approximately 5-6 weeks after your degree expected term, your degree is awarded and posted to your transcript. At that point your UCLA record is sealed and no further changes are possible.

(OPTIONAL) REQUEST EARLY CERTIFICATE OF COMPLETION If you need earlier evidence of your degree, once grades are available but before the degree is posted to your transcript, request an Early Certificate of Completion at > Forms > Graduation and Diploma > Early Certificate of Completion Request. There is no fee for an early certificate of completion.

OFFICIAL ACADEMIC TRANSCRIPTS Official academic transcripts may be ordered through MyUCLA once the degree is awarded and posted to the transcript. Allow 6-8 weeks after your final term. No fee for ordering transcripts. Access to order transcripts on MyUCLA is indefinite.


Use the Diploma Request link on MyUCLA (Academics tab) beginning the fourth week of your degree expected term to arrange for the mailing of your diploma (No Fee). Diplomas not mailed will be held for in-person pick-up at 1113 Murphy Hall, no sooner than 2-3 months after the award date. Call the Registrar’s Office at (310) 825-8883 for recorded availability information. IMPORTANT NOTES: (1) Check MyUCLA and resolve any holds that may be on your record to avoid delays. (2) You will get an email when your diploma is ready. (3) Update contact information on MyUCLA.

MyUCLA ACCESS & BRUIN ONLINE (BOL) All UCLA graduates will continue to have access to their MyUCLA account. If you would like to continue receiving email sent to your account, you can either switch to Google Apps hosted email ( or activate the lifetime email forwarding mechanism on your account. No action required if you are already on Google Apps. Direct any questions to the BOL help desk:

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2021 Guide to Graduation